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for solo organ & voice

Recorded at ORF Radiokulturhaus

Margaret fixed media stereo
00:00 / 04:28
Birdy fixed media
00:00 / 03:07

for violin & piano

Performed at Divertimento Ensemble Festival

for solo organ

Performed in Wien Modern 34 (2020)

Konstanz (2018)

for solo organ

Performed at Hofpurgkapelle Vienna 

Sussane (2019)

for solo soprano

A crazy woman talking to herself in front of the mirror, imitating sounds in her surrounding: birds, wind, and cars

Performed at University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna  and Konzilsgedächtniskirche Lainz Speisig 



Offspring (2020)

The story of couples who met on a dating website for suicidal people


A conversation among a young group of people about the best moment to end life and their attitudes toward suicide

fridpic .jpg

A twenty minute fictional documentary about people who are dead and live in the graveyard

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